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                                              Campus Massage Therapy is a source for therapeutic massage,         
                     education about massage and stress management.

                                           We provide professional, alternative health care  that is sensitive to the needs of the  University community.   
                                         Massage is tailored to the STRESS RELIEF, RECOVERY and WELLNESS
goals of the client. 

               Over ten years experience working with musicians.

The office for massage sessions is dubbed "the most relaxing room on campus".   
It is located in an energetic clinical setting shared with physical therapy and health services 
within the Sports Center at the University of Hartford* in West Hartford. 
Care is taken to provide an atmosphere that is supportive of relaxation.

Massage appointments in the office  provide individualized sessions in hour long, half hour and 20 minute increments. 

On-site massage sessions for employees and students can be arranged with the ease of a phone call. 
This can be tailored to time, place and participants' needs.

Parents are welcome for sessions while on campus and can arrange for gift certificates for their students. 
Payment by credit card is available.

Lecture/demonstrations for students and staff provide knowledge of techniques and choices for self-care and stress reduction. 

​*CMT is an independent business and is not affiliated with the University of Hartford.
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We cater to your goals for massage

Stress Reduction 
 Light touch, energy work and Swedish massage strokes for deep relaxation. Incorporate warm stones for ultimate relaxation.

Recovery massage
Recovery from athletic pursuits, injury, illness or overuse; your massage may be deeper and include  trigger point work and  fascial release.   We might integrate stretching and guidance in self care. 

Evan believes that when you take time for regular massage, the relief and relaxation will trigger your body to re-balance which supports your health. 
​How often?
A good start is once monthly with variations for activity or season.